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16 September, 2016


Today, Friday 16 September 2016 is the release-date of many new titles:
the debut cd of American stoner/hard rockers DARKWALKER ("The Wastelands"), the debut of American thrashers NUKEM ("The Unholy Trinity") and the debut of the Italian alternative metallers RED FRACTION ("Birth").

The Wastelands

The Unholy Trinity


Plus we release today 3 of our latest albums on LP vinyl format: the "Orphans Of Chaos" of SHATTER MESSIAH, the "By Nature So Perverse" of LIQUID GRAVEYARD and the "Unspeakable Cults" of DEVISER.

For all these releases, limited edition LPs, bundles, etc., you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.


The legendary British metallers HOLOCAUST will play at Heavy Metal Night 9 Festival in Martinsicuro, Abruzzo, Italy on Saturday, 17 September 2016, with bands like Vardis, Fist, Danger Zone etc. On the festival area you will find also a label’s merchandise booth, with Holocaust’s and other label’s bands cds, LPs, t-shirts and rest merch. Be there!


We at Sleaszy Rider Records are fans of and support a multitude of different styles of worldwide hard rock and heavy metal music, of which melodic heavy/power metal is one of the musical genres that we really enjoy listening to.

Azrael's Bane has got to be one of the top U.S. melodic metal bands that we have ever heard and are really proud to announce that we have signed the band to a multiple album deal.

In December 2016, we will officially release "Modern Day Babylon" (Baniac Pak), a two cd package featuring newly re-mastered versions of their debut album "Wings of Innocence" (2003) and the hard to find 2nd album "Modern Day Babylon" (2007) along with two bonus tracks from Ozzy Osbourne - "Diary of a Madman" and Savatage - "Edge of Thorns".

If you are fan of bands like Queensryche, Savatage, Fates Warning and Dokken, you will love Azrael's Bane as they continue to be one of the best kept metal secrets from the USA!

Band's singer Trey Gadler shared the following comments:
“The band and I are very happy to announce our new partnership with Sleaszy Rider Records. After a few false starts, we are very much looking forward to working with Tolis and the rest of the SR crew to bring Azrael’s Bane music to the world.”


Sleaszy Rider proudly announced that we signed a deal with one of the best hidden jewels of Greek scene, the legendary heavy/power metallers BLIND JUSTICE! The band was formed in the late ‘80s and they released 3 demos, which received amazing reviews at that time. Band’s leader Mike G. formed later Nightfall and then Snowblind and Blind Justice were on hold for almost 2 decades. After requests of many fans, Mike G. reformed Blind Justice with new line-up (featuring members of Spitfire, Snowblind, Power Crue, etc). The band re-recorded a mix of older tracks from all their demos, plus 2 covers versions (of Vaal and Manowar) which will be included in their debut album ”In The Name Of Justice”, (like their first demo), that will be released on December 2016.

Mike G., leader and guitarist of the group stated the following:
"We are really happy to sign with Sleaszy Rider! Some of us have a strong partnership with the label since it's beginning, and we feel that's our home, where we have a smoothly, fair and co-operation and the label respect it's bands and musicians! Be prepared for our debut album, it will come out on December!".


Spanish doom masters DANTALION are in the final stage before finishing their upcoming masterpiece!

The recordings are finished and the band is now in the mix/mastering procession. Expect a huge album, with a bombastic production, full of aggressive riffs and mesmerizing atmospheres!

The front cover is also ready and it’s a classic doom, wonderful image.

"…And All Will Be Ashes" will be released in December 2016.


Italian power metallers KALEDON are in the studio, where they record their next, ninth studio album. It will be released in March 2017.

The band wants to share the following infos with you:

“Kaledon are now in the middle of the recording sessions of their brand new album that, will be released in march 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records! At the moment the drum parts are completed and, the drummer Manuele di Ascenzo is very proud of his work. In the mean time the guys are working on the guitars.We remember you that this is the third album of the new Kaledon’s way to tell the “Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Saga”. This time the entire album will be based on the evil king Carnagus.Expect very strong sounds and completely different respect the classic Kaledon’s style”.


Italian dark rockers REGARDLESS OF ME has recently some important line-up changes, and they have now a new rhythm section.

The band stated the following:
”After almost 10 years, I got to tell ya that Regardless Of Me decided to separate friendly from Enrico Cassano and Fulvio Torresani because of personal reasons. We want to thank you mates for great moments spent together playin' music, sharing the stage all over Europe. Nobody knows how it's been magical among us, behind the music and behind the scenes. We're brothers forever and we will never forget all these times. This is a New Era for Regardless Of Me...
…Here comes the Darkness… the new Regardless Of Me’s Legend has just begun, a new black era shall rise… The Grand Duke (bass player) and Dody Psycho The Earthquake (drummer) joined the family, let’s spread a new fuckin’ blood.’’ - Mr Dark, on behalf of Regardless Of Me

19 August, 2016


Today, Friday 19 August 2016 is the release date of a new title: the re-release of "Hear Me Out", the debut album of British doom/death/gothic metallers EVEN VAST.

More infos about this cd you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy it directly from our e-store!


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with British black metallers WRITTEN IN TORMENT! This is an one man band hailing from Harrogate (North Yorkshire, England) and play an astonishing style of black metal, mixed with many extreme metal sounds, for fans of Emperor, Bal–Sagoth, Taake, Dissection.

Written in Torment have previously released 2 ep's and one full length album, soon Sleaszy Rider will unleash the second album "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" on CD and LP.

Leviathan, the man behind Written In Torment stated the following comments:

"Written in Torment is proud to announce signing with the mighty Sleaszy Rider Records for the release of the second full length album "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum". With this new deal I look forward to further pushing the boundaries of my songwriting ability and refining the Written in Torment sound to its full potential. Announcements regarding the second album will follow shortly, expect grim things to come!"

Leviathan Aus WIT


After a great co-operation since 2013 with Italians glam/sleaze hard rockers SANDNESS, we re-signed with the band and we will release soon their second album ”Higher And Higher”, an album that is their next step after their successful debut ”Like An Addiction”. We will announce soon the release date of ”Higher And Higher”, that will be released on CD and LP format.


American thrashers NUKEM are in the final preparations of their debut album ”The Unholy Trinity”. The band revealed the cover and the track-list of the album and many more news/infos, you can read below.

“We wanted to sound like a band, not a bunch of Frankenstein parts quantized by a computer. We wanted to do it the way our idols did it.” – Steve Brogden, Vocalist/guitarist.

From the opening track “WarWolf”, the debut full length from San Diego’s NUKEM’ “The Unholy Trinity” executes this mission and moves far beyond the individual players to a focused unit.

Brogden’s partners in crime are drummer Norm Leggio (Psychotic Waltz) and bassist Don Lauder who form a rhythm section of military precision.

From the opener “WarWolf” to the closing notes of “Nukem All”, the disc bleeds with the vitality of early thrash taken a step further.

While cuts like “Lethal Injection” echo more obscure bands like Exciter while introducing elements that progress the genre’s potential to a higher level of intensity.

“The Unholy Trinity” does not just declare a new era of thrash, it honors its history and brings aforementioned idols into the fold. Jimmy Durkin (Dark Angel) guest solos on opener “WarWolf”, Laura Christine (Warface, Zimmer’s Hole) leaves her mark on on “The Deceiver” and “Nukem All” while Reese Scruggs (Havok) and Craig Locicero (Forbidden, Dress The Dead) trade solos on “The Atomic Age”.

The audacity of covering a Sabbath song, much less a deep cut Dio gem, is offset by the confident bordering on cocky execution of the song. Even the King himself gets thrashed on the cover of "Suspicious Minds”. The reverence for the material and love of the songs are clear in these moments.

The tracklist of the album is the following:

1. WarWolf
2. Evelyn's Awakening
3. The Atomic Age
4. The Deceiver
5. Bloodseeker
6. T.V. Crimes (Black Sabbath Cover)
7. D.O.I.
8. Lethal Injection
9. Lucida Sidera
10. Nukem All

The video-clip of “Evelyn’s Awakening” premiere today in our official youtube-channel.

Enjoy this amazing video, with a film noir atmosphere, like a classic horror movie and don’t miss as ”Evelyn” the well-known actor Nicole Aniston!

“The Unholy Trinity” will be released worldwide in 19 September 2016, in digipack edition.


Czech glam/sleaze rockers NASTY RATZ w

ill appearance in SLEAZE N’ ROLL festival in Athens, Greece, in Saturday 15 October 2016, together with bands like Blackrain, Hell In The Club, For My Addiction and Silked & Stained.

Not sure yet, but Nasty Ratz will play also some more gigs in Greece. More news will be announced soon. By the way, their debut album “First Bite” it’s still hot and available from our e-store!

15 July, 2016


Today, Friday 15 July 2016 is the release date of 4 new titles: the 3rd full album of international death metal super group LIQUID GRAVEYARD (”By Nature So Perverse”), the debut CD of Colombian neoclassical/power metallers ENERGEMA (”The Lion’s Forces”), ”Orphans Of Chaos”, the fourth album of US power/thrash metallers SHATTER MESSIAH and the re-release of "Sleep Of The Angels" of Greek dark/black metallers ROTTING CHRIST!

By Nature So Perverse

The Lion’s Forces

Orphans Of Chaos

Sleep Of The Angels

More infos about these releases you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy them directly from our e-store!


We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with both Italians CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH and we will release their upcoming split-EP ”Mondoscuro” on vinyl!

The announced EP co-starring CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH, both as distinct bands and as authors of new songs, composed and played together.

In detail, the EP will contain six tracks: two brand new and co-written songs, two covers (Beatles and Type O’ Negative ) and two unusual "exchange of roles", that will see CADAVERIA reinterpreting a classic by NECRODEATH and NECRODEATH performing a CADAVERIA hit. Among the other surprises of "Mondoscuro" there is the participation of Lindsay Schoolcraft from CRADLE OF FILTH, as special guest on vocals.

"Mondoscuro" cover artwork was designed by Italian-Venezuelan digital artist Paolo Perrotta Mazza. The release of "Mondoscuro" EP is expected later this autumn!


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with Italian black/gothic metallers CADAVERIA and we’ll re-release in early 2017 their second album ”Far Away From Conformity” both in CD and vinyl edition. Our re-releases will include an updated front cover and layout, plus some re-recorded songs and maybe other surprises. The correct release and more infos will be announced soon.


Italians REGARDLESS OF ME signed a deal with us and we will release soon their third album, first after 5 years. The band from Milano plays a dark progressive metal and they have 2 more albums released in the past through Locomotive and Unexploded Records. More infos about the album’s title, release date etc will follow soon.


Italian one man’s man band HESPERIA finished the mixes of their upcoming album ”Caesar [Roma Vol. I]” and now only the mastering is missing, to complete the whole music process.

As we already announced, a part of vocals have been recorded at the Arena SFERISTERIO (Macerata, MC, Marche, ITALY), you can check some photos below.

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