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12 April, 2017


Today is the release-date of 6 new titles: the second album of Iranian black metallers NATHORG (“Torch Holder Ov Death”), the re-release of “Modern Day Babylon” and “Wings Of Innocence”, the 2 albums of American heavy/power/prog metallers AZRAEL’S BANE in a deluxe digipack 2-cd under the title “Modern Day Babylon”, the re-release of Greek metal gods ROTTING CHRIST (“Khronos”), the new album of Italian black/pagan metallers HESPERIA (“Caesar (Roma Vol. I)”), the third album of Argentinian melodic metallers ARIADNA PROJECT (“Novus Mundus”) and the second album of Belgian hard rockers Scarved (“Lodestone”).


Available as limited digipack edition, including 2 bonus tracks

Novus Mundus

Available as limited digipack edition

Caesar (Roma Vol. I)

Available as limited digipack edition.
Limited box-edition to 100 copies, including the album in digipack format, some gifts among them a board game!


Modern Day Babylon

Available in a deluxe-digipack
2-CD edition

Torch Holder Ov Death

For more infos about these new cds, you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.


We have a massive update on our official e-shop, where you can find hundreds of new arrivals on cds, LPs, t-shirts and so on!

Enter and check that we have the best prices online and the best service too! Just be quickly, cause most of the titles are in limited quantities!


We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with the British band DARK HEART. Another NWOBHM joined our label and we will release soon their second, untitled album.

Just to mention that their debut album “Shadows Of The Night” was released by Roadrunner records back in 1984.

The band after a hiatus of almost 30 years, is back, with refreshed line-up and ready with new and old tracks.

Guitarist/singer and only member of their old line-up (he is also member of AOR band Change Of Heart) stated the following comments:

“Extremely pleased and honoured to have signed for Sleaszy Rider, a label with great bands, great attitude and the pedigree to match!
These are exciting times and we can't wait to get started on the album, this really is a fulfillment of a long held dream…"

Alan Clark


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the Italian classic/hard rock band VOODOO HIGHWAY and we will release soon their third album “The Ordeal”. Be ready for the successors of Deep Purple!

Release date and more infos will be announced soon.


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the Italian prog/power metal band ALTAIR and we will release soon their second album “Descending: A Devilish Comedy”. Release date and more infos will be announced soon.


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the Italian hard rock/metal band OUTRIDER and we will release soon their debut –untitled yet- album, produced by Marco D’ Andrea, guitarist of Planethard. Release date and more infos will be announced soon.


Italian heavy/thrash metallers BULLET-PROOF reveal the cover of their upcoming album “Forsaken One”, that will be released on 24 April 2017.


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the Italian vampyric black/gothic metal band LORD VAMPYR.

The band is in preparations of their upcoming album, which we will release in the next months.

To whom they are not familiar with the band, just to inform you that their singer and leader with the same name with the band, LORD VAMPYR is the founding member and former singer of THEATRES DES VAMPIRES and also member of bands like Cain, VII Arcano, Malamorte and Nailed God.

Lord Vampyr stated the following message:

"After 4 years we will be back with our new, -fifth- album, entitled "Death Comes Under the Sign of the Cross". The new direction of our music will be a mix of Heavy, Occult and with Gothic elements.

We are proud to announce that this new album will be realized by the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. More news really soon! "

The Tracklist of the album will be:
Death Comes Under the Sign of the Cross
Crown of Hypocrisy
Iconoclast Heresy
At War
Upon the Throne of Lies
Utopia God
Violent Awareness of the Absence of God
The Crusade of Violence

More infos about the correct release date etc. will be announced soon.


NWOBHM legends HOLOCAUST will appears on Grimm Up North Festival (30 September and 1 October 2017 in Manchester, UK), together with bands like Tytan, Oliver Dawson’s Saxon, Tysondog, etc. for helping Steve Grimmet of Grim Reaper to cover his huge medical bills after the serious health problems he faced.


The international melodic death metal band MYTH OF A LIFE are in preparations for their next release.

The band stated the following comments:
"We know things have been a bit quiet recently in the Myth of a Life camp Lifers...However, we have some pretty cool news to share with everyone! We are excited to announce that in May we will be entering the studio to record a brand new EP entitled 'Chimera'!
'Chimera' will be unleashed unto the world in the summer via Sleaszy Rider Records! Stay tuned for more news and updates and as always stay metal! m/"


If you hadn’t the chance to attend on a gig of Greek classic heavy metal band BLIND JUSTICE, then don’t miss the chance to watch them play live at The Crow Club in Athens, on 10 June 2017. More infos you can find on our gigs section.


American melodic hard rock sensations ST. JAMES, featuring. drummer / producer Carl Canedy of THE RODS, have put out the first of many blasts from the past regarding the band's early days.

Bassist Robert Jacobs of St James has checked in and provided the following personal historical snapshot:

The year was 1992 and St. James had just started meeting with labels to talk about our new record Attitude. Unfortunately, the rise of grunge music had made it very tough to shop our record. I believe I was walking out of MCA with A&R representative Simon Collins after the VP of the label had explained that hard rock and heavy metal were done and that grunge was the only thing they were even considering signing. As I was talking to a friend in the lobby, a secretary from the label walked out and told me "that a certain gentlemen wanted you to have this note as he had heard your conversation with the VP of the label from the hallway. He asked that I tell you to keep your head up and keep making music... hard rock may change the way it looks, but will never go away". Below is the note that the secretary had given me.

St. James released their debut album "Resurgence" in December 2016 via Sleaszy Rider records from Greece on both cd and vinyl formats, and is the perfect blend of sounds for fans of Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.

St. James - "Resurgence" tracklist:
1. Attitude
2. Worth Fighting For
3. This Distance
4. Let It Rain
5. What's Your Situation
6. The Road
7. Rattled Bad
8. Castles in the Sand
9. Shelter Me
10. Somewhere Between Here and There
11. Toughest I can Take
12. In Your Heart
13. Aint It Sad
14. Princess of Pain
15. Crimes of the Heart
16. Inside The Outside
17. Fluffy Through The Hoop

St. James Band Line-Up
John James - Lead Vocals and Harmonica
James Jacobs - Guitars and Mandolin
Robert Jacobs - Bass
Carl Canedy – Drums (The Rods / Canedy)


Greek veteran deathrashers SPIDER KICKERS and Greek black/death metallers LLOTH will appearance at Horns Up 2 Festival in Trikala city, Greece on Saturday 6 May 2017 and Sunday 7 May 2017, together with bands like W.E.B., Theodore Ziras etc. More infos you can find at our gigs section.


Italian power metallers PERPETUAL FIRE reveal the front-cover of their upcoming album “Bleeding Hands”, which will be released next month.
The cover and the rest artwork is designed by fine Argentinian artist Rodrigo Gudina (Core76 Studios) of Ariadna Project!

28 February, 2017


Today, Tuesday 28 February 2017 is the release-date of 2 new titles on vinyl: the split-LP of Italian extreme metallers CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH (“Mondoscuro”) and the 2nd album of Italian hard rockers SANDNESS (“Higher & Higher”), both on standard black and limited coloured editions!



Higher & Higher

Higher & Higher

For more infos about these new LPs, you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.


We have a massive update on our official e-shop, where you can find hundreds of new arrivals on CD, LP as well as shirts and so on!

Check it out at

And check that we have the best prices online and the best service too! Just be quick, cause most of the titles are in limited quantities!


We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with Swedish glam/sleaze band BAI BANG and we will release worldwide their upcoming album “Rock Of Life” on vinyl format. Additionally, we will also release their 3 previous albums on vinyl worldwide: “Are You Ready”, “Living My Dream” and “All Around The World”. The release dates for each vinyl will be announced soon.

Diddi Kasteholt, singer of Bai Bang stated the following:
"Bai Bang are happy to announce that the 4 last albums will be released on vinyl! It's a special moment when you listen to a vinyl record and when you hold the cover in your hand. Its rock'n roll! Rock on & Rock it!"


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the American metallers MASQUED and we will release their debut album "A New Beginning" soon.

The band was formed in 2014 by guitarist Eric Halpern (HELSTAR, LEATHERWOLF), bassist Shane Dubose, and keyboardist Adam Rawlings, all formerly with local Houston, TX legends Z-LOT-Z. They recruited drummer Jon Allen (SADUS, TESTAMENT) and second guitarist Drew Creel (MEVYN), with Steffany Johnston providing the missing piece after an extensive vocalist search.

The group have just put the finishing touches on their first album which was produced by veteran SF Bay Area studio whiz Juan Urteaga (Testament, Vicious Rumors, Machine Head). Expect an amazing piece of American metal: melodic, progressive, aggressive, unique and modern, with elements from ‘70s rock and jazz, till Bay Area-thrash! Release date will be announced soon.

Eric Halpern on behalf of the band stated the following comments:
''After several years of hard work, MASQUED is very excited to present our debut CD! We are also proud to release it on Sleaszy Rider Records, a well-known and respected label. Metal fans around the globe, with much love and respect, we sincerely hope you enjoy our new music!"


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with Greek black/death metallers LLOTH and we will release soon their debut album “Athanati” (“Immortal”). Just to remind you that Lloth is the band that found Maria “Tristessa” Kolokouri (R.I.P.) prior founding Astarte.

Lloth recorded an EP only (“Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil”), which we will release on CD soon under the name of Astarte. The band reformed by Tristessa and her husband (and member of Astarte at that time) Nicolas Maiis. Lloth are continue the legacy of Tristessa and under the guides of Nicolas Maiis with Setesh, Vaelor (guitars) and Acheron (bass) they recorded the album “Athanati”, which is dedicated to Maria ”Tristessa” Kolokouri.

Release date will be announced soon.


Russian pagan/folk metallers ALKONOST signed a deal with our company and their new album “Songs of the White Lilly” will be re-released on Sleaszy Rider (originally released at the end of 2016 by the band in Russia only).

The correct release date will be announced soon.


Italian/Slovakian heavy/thrash metallers BULLET-PROOF has finished the recordings of their second album at Music Ink studio with producer/sound enginner Federic Penazzatto. The new effort of Bullet-Proof is entitled ”Forsaken One” and will be released on 21 April 2017, once again by Sleaszy Rider.

The band also changed agency and are now cooperating with Eagle Booking.


Italian dark metallers REGARDLESS OF ME will be the support band in the Italian tour of Deathless Legacy. The correct dates can be found on our Gigs section. The band is still in recording process of their third album, more infos about it will be announced soon.


Italian metallers Perpetual Fire revealed the title of their upcoming new album: “Bleeding Hands”. Expect soon some more news regarding this CD, as we will reveal the cover and the release date of the album!


Today is a special day for Kaledon, cause we reveal the cover and the title of their upcoming release! Their 10th album will be called "CARNAGUS-Emperor Of The Darkness" and their cover and artwork is designed by French artist Jean-Pascal Fournier (Avantasia, Edguy, Immortal, etc.), which you can see below.

The new album of Italian power metallers will be released on 15 May on CD and 180 gr vinyl. More infos will be announced soon.


Belgian hard rockers SCARVED released “Sweet Surrender”, the first video-clip of their upcoming second album “Lodestone”.

The album will be released in the few next weeks, stay tuned, we will announce it pretty soon.

7 February, 2017


Today, Tuesday 7 February 2017 is the release-date of "Lithic": the debut album of Italian heavy/thrash metallers LEATHERMASK.

For more infos about this new cd, you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.


Overtures, Sleaszy Rider Records, Truck Me Hard and MetalMessage are proud to announce the release of Overtures' new official videoclip for the song "GO(L)D", third track of the latest album "Artifacts" released in May 2016 by Sleaszy Rider Records.

The video, filmed by band’s guitarist Marco Falanga directly connects its images with the lyrics of the song with three mini-stories showing how the modern society is affected by the lost of real values. A girl addicted to the modern drug: socials; a kid victim of the standardization of averageness; mankind devoted to the new God: go(l)d.

The videoclip is the second official videoclip released from the successful album "Artifacts" who brought "Overtures" on stage with Stratovarius, Saxon, Rammstein, Korn, Halestorm, Gamma Ray, Megadeth.

Overtures willl be soon be on the road in a co-headlining European tour with Italians Temperance.

The complete routing will be the following:

23.02.2017 - Centro Giovani - Gorizia - ITALY *
24.02.2017 - Vegallomas Klub - Szombathely - HUNGARY *
25.02.2017 - Pod Skalkou - Ceska Trebova - CZECH REPUBLIC *
26.02.2017 - Melodka Club - Brno - CZECH REPUBLIC **
27.02.2017 - Exit Us - Prague - CZECH REPUBLIC **
28.02.2017 - Rudeboy Klub - Bielsko Biala - POLAND **
02.03.2017 - Titans Club - Lens - BELGIUM ***
03.03.2017 - De Verlichte Geest - Roselare - BELGIUM ***
04.03.2017 - Rockheaven - Eygelshoven - NETHERLANDS ***
05.03.2017 - Moonlight Music Hall - Diest - BELGIUM ***
07.03.2017 - Garage Deluxe - Munchen - GERMANY ***
08.03.2017 - Soundcheck One - Waldbrown - GERMANY ***
09.03.2017 - Covent Garden Studios - Eragny - FRANCE ***
10.03.2017 - Petit Leman - Vevey - SWITZERLAND ***
11.03.2017 - Met Bar - Lenzburg - SWITZERLAND ***
12.03.2017 - Rock Town - Cordenons - ITALY ***

* Special guest Afterlife Symphony
** Special guest Batalion d'Amour
*** Special guest ANCIENT MYTH


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with Belgian melodic metallers MEGASONIC (feat. members of Prime Mover, Blood Blothers, Crusader and Everglow). In December 2014 Megasonic released their debut album “Intense” on the renowned Mausoleum Records and now they have ready to release their second album “Without Warning”, which we will release in the few next months.


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the international modern metal band TATTERED PAGES. Tattered Pages were formed in Birmingham, UK in December 2015 with the vision to bring quality and diverse sounding albums. The work of Ogrego on song production, along with the vocal talents of Aliki Katriou and Neal Romero culminated in their first CD "Open Diary I", (which features a number of well known guitarists as guests), an album filled with melodic and aggressive landscapes. The correct release date and more infos will be announced soon.


Check them here:

16 September, 2016


Today, Friday 16 September 2016 is the release-date of many new titles:
the debut cd of American stoner/hard rockers DARKWALKER ("The Wastelands"), the debut of American thrashers NUKEM ("The Unholy Trinity") and the debut of the Italian alternative metallers RED FRACTION ("Birth").

The Wastelands

The Unholy Trinity


Plus we release today 3 of our latest albums on LP vinyl format: the "Orphans Of Chaos" of SHATTER MESSIAH, the "By Nature So Perverse" of LIQUID GRAVEYARD and the "Unspeakable Cults" of DEVISER.

For all these releases, limited edition LPs, bundles, etc., you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.


The legendary British metallers HOLOCAUST will play at Heavy Metal Night 9 Festival in Martinsicuro, Abruzzo, Italy on Saturday, 17 September 2016, with bands like Vardis, Fist, Danger Zone etc. On the festival area you will find also a label’s merchandise booth, with Holocaust’s and other label’s bands cds, LPs, t-shirts and rest merch. Be there!


We at Sleaszy Rider Records are fans of and support a multitude of different styles of worldwide hard rock and heavy metal music, of which melodic heavy/power metal is one of the musical genres that we really enjoy listening to.

Azrael's Bane has got to be one of the top U.S. melodic metal bands that we have ever heard and are really proud to announce that we have signed the band to a multiple album deal.

In December 2016, we will officially release "Modern Day Babylon" (Baniac Pak), a two cd package featuring newly re-mastered versions of their debut album "Wings of Innocence" (2003) and the hard to find 2nd album "Modern Day Babylon" (2007) along with two bonus tracks from Ozzy Osbourne - "Diary of a Madman" and Savatage - "Edge of Thorns".

If you are fan of bands like Queensryche, Savatage, Fates Warning and Dokken, you will love Azrael's Bane as they continue to be one of the best kept metal secrets from the USA!

Band's singer Trey Gadler shared the following comments:
“The band and I are very happy to announce our new partnership with Sleaszy Rider Records. After a few false starts, we are very much looking forward to working with Tolis and the rest of the SR crew to bring Azrael’s Bane music to the world.”


Sleaszy Rider proudly announced that we signed a deal with one of the best hidden jewels of Greek scene, the legendary heavy/power metallers BLIND JUSTICE! The band was formed in the late ‘80s and they released 3 demos, which received amazing reviews at that time. Band’s leader Mike G. formed later Nightfall and then Snowblind and Blind Justice were on hold for almost 2 decades. After requests of many fans, Mike G. reformed Blind Justice with new line-up (featuring members of Spitfire, Snowblind, Power Crue, etc). The band re-recorded a mix of older tracks from all their demos, plus 2 covers versions (of Vaal and Manowar) which will be included in their debut album ”In The Name Of Justice”, (like their first demo), that will be released on December 2016.

Mike G., leader and guitarist of the group stated the following:
"We are really happy to sign with Sleaszy Rider! Some of us have a strong partnership with the label since it's beginning, and we feel that's our home, where we have a smoothly, fair and co-operation and the label respect it's bands and musicians! Be prepared for our debut album, it will come out on December!".


Spanish doom masters DANTALION are in the final stage before finishing their upcoming masterpiece!

The recordings are finished and the band is now in the mix/mastering procession. Expect a huge album, with a bombastic production, full of aggressive riffs and mesmerizing atmospheres!

The front cover is also ready and it’s a classic doom, wonderful image.

"…And All Will Be Ashes" will be released in December 2016.


Italian power metallers KALEDON are in the studio, where they record their next, ninth studio album. It will be released in March 2017.

The band wants to share the following infos with you:

“Kaledon are now in the middle of the recording sessions of their brand new album that, will be released in march 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records! At the moment the drum parts are completed and, the drummer Manuele di Ascenzo is very proud of his work. In the mean time the guys are working on the guitars.We remember you that this is the third album of the new Kaledon’s way to tell the “Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Saga”. This time the entire album will be based on the evil king Carnagus.Expect very strong sounds and completely different respect the classic Kaledon’s style”.


Italian dark rockers REGARDLESS OF ME has recently some important line-up changes, and they have now a new rhythm section.

The band stated the following:
”After almost 10 years, I got to tell ya that Regardless Of Me decided to separate friendly from Enrico Cassano and Fulvio Torresani because of personal reasons. We want to thank you mates for great moments spent together playin' music, sharing the stage all over Europe. Nobody knows how it's been magical among us, behind the music and behind the scenes. We're brothers forever and we will never forget all these times. This is a New Era for Regardless Of Me...
…Here comes the Darkness… the new Regardless Of Me’s Legend has just begun, a new black era shall rise… The Grand Duke (bass player) and Dody Psycho The Earthquake (drummer) joined the family, let’s spread a new fuckin’ blood.’’ - Mr Dark, on behalf of Regardless Of Me

19 August, 2016


Today, Friday 19 August 2016 is the release date of a new title: the re-release of "Hear Me Out", the debut album of British doom/death/gothic metallers EVEN VAST.

More infos about this cd you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy it directly from our e-store!


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with British black metallers WRITTEN IN TORMENT! This is an one man band hailing from Harrogate (North Yorkshire, England) and play an astonishing style of black metal, mixed with many extreme metal sounds, for fans of Emperor, Bal–Sagoth, Taake, Dissection.

Written in Torment have previously released 2 ep's and one full length album, soon Sleaszy Rider will unleash the second album "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" on CD and LP.

Leviathan, the man behind Written In Torment stated the following comments:

"Written in Torment is proud to announce signing with the mighty Sleaszy Rider Records for the release of the second full length album "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum". With this new deal I look forward to further pushing the boundaries of my songwriting ability and refining the Written in Torment sound to its full potential. Announcements regarding the second album will follow shortly, expect grim things to come!"

Leviathan Aus WIT


After a great co-operation since 2013 with Italians glam/sleaze hard rockers SANDNESS, we re-signed with the band and we will release soon their second album ”Higher And Higher”, an album that is their next step after their successful debut ”Like An Addiction”. We will announce soon the release date of ”Higher And Higher”, that will be released on CD and LP format.


American thrashers NUKEM are in the final preparations of their debut album ”The Unholy Trinity”. The band revealed the cover and the track-list of the album and many more news/infos, you can read below.

“We wanted to sound like a band, not a bunch of Frankenstein parts quantized by a computer. We wanted to do it the way our idols did it.” – Steve Brogden, Vocalist/guitarist.

From the opening track “WarWolf”, the debut full length from San Diego’s NUKEM’ “The Unholy Trinity” executes this mission and moves far beyond the individual players to a focused unit.

Brogden’s partners in crime are drummer Norm Leggio (Psychotic Waltz) and bassist Don Lauder who form a rhythm section of military precision.

From the opener “WarWolf” to the closing notes of “Nukem All”, the disc bleeds with the vitality of early thrash taken a step further.

While cuts like “Lethal Injection” echo more obscure bands like Exciter while introducing elements that progress the genre’s potential to a higher level of intensity.

“The Unholy Trinity” does not just declare a new era of thrash, it honors its history and brings aforementioned idols into the fold. Jimmy Durkin (Dark Angel) guest solos on opener “WarWolf”, Laura Christine (Warface, Zimmer’s Hole) leaves her mark on on “The Deceiver” and “Nukem All” while Reese Scruggs (Havok) and Craig Locicero (Forbidden, Dress The Dead) trade solos on “The Atomic Age”.

The audacity of covering a Sabbath song, much less a deep cut Dio gem, is offset by the confident bordering on cocky execution of the song. Even the King himself gets thrashed on the cover of "Suspicious Minds”. The reverence for the material and love of the songs are clear in these moments.

The tracklist of the album is the following:

1. WarWolf
2. Evelyn's Awakening
3. The Atomic Age
4. The Deceiver
5. Bloodseeker
6. T.V. Crimes (Black Sabbath Cover)
7. D.O.I.
8. Lethal Injection
9. Lucida Sidera
10. Nukem All

The video-clip of “Evelyn’s Awakening” premiere today in our official youtube-channel.

Enjoy this amazing video, with a film noir atmosphere, like a classic horror movie and don’t miss as ”Evelyn” the well-known actor Nicole Aniston!

“The Unholy Trinity” will be released worldwide in 19 September 2016, in digipack edition.


Czech glam/sleaze rockers NASTY RATZ w

ill appearance in SLEAZE N’ ROLL festival in Athens, Greece, in Saturday 15 October 2016, together with bands like Blackrain, Hell In The Club, For My Addiction and Silked & Stained.

Not sure yet, but Nasty Ratz will play also some more gigs in Greece. More news will be announced soon. By the way, their debut album “First Bite” it’s still hot and available from our e-store!

15 July, 2016


Today, Friday 15 July 2016 is the release date of 4 new titles: the 3rd full album of international death metal super group LIQUID GRAVEYARD (”By Nature So Perverse”), the debut CD of Colombian neoclassical/power metallers ENERGEMA (”The Lion’s Forces”), ”Orphans Of Chaos”, the fourth album of US power/thrash metallers SHATTER MESSIAH and the re-release of "Sleep Of The Angels" of Greek dark/black metallers ROTTING CHRIST!

By Nature So Perverse

The Lion’s Forces

Orphans Of Chaos

Sleep Of The Angels

More infos about these releases you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy them directly from our e-store!


We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with both Italians CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH and we will release their upcoming split-EP ”Mondoscuro” on vinyl!

The announced EP co-starring CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH, both as distinct bands and as authors of new songs, composed and played together.

In detail, the EP will contain six tracks: two brand new and co-written songs, two covers (Beatles and Type O’ Negative ) and two unusual "exchange of roles", that will see CADAVERIA reinterpreting a classic by NECRODEATH and NECRODEATH performing a CADAVERIA hit. Among the other surprises of "Mondoscuro" there is the participation of Lindsay Schoolcraft from CRADLE OF FILTH, as special guest on vocals.

"Mondoscuro" cover artwork was designed by Italian-Venezuelan digital artist Paolo Perrotta Mazza. The release of "Mondoscuro" EP is expected later this autumn!


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with Italian black/gothic metallers CADAVERIA and we’ll re-release in early 2017 their second album ”Far Away From Conformity” both in CD and vinyl edition. Our re-releases will include an updated front cover and layout, plus some re-recorded songs and maybe other surprises. The correct release and more infos will be announced soon.


Italians REGARDLESS OF ME signed a deal with us and we will release soon their third album, first after 5 years. The band from Milano plays a dark progressive metal and they have 2 more albums released in the past through Locomotive and Unexploded Records. More infos about the album’s title, release date etc will follow soon.


Italian one man’s man band HESPERIA finished the mixes of their upcoming album ”Caesar [Roma Vol. I]” and now only the mastering is missing, to complete the whole music process.

As we already announced, a part of vocals have been recorded at the Arena SFERISTERIO (Macerata, MC, Marche, ITALY), you can check some photos below.

10 June, 2016


Today is the release date of the longtime waiting vinyl edition of HOLOCAUST’s masterpiece "Predator". Don’t miss the chance to grab a fine piece of art, looking really wonderful, due the amazing artwork of Swedish amazing artist Andreas Soderlund at

Visit our e-store and choose which edition of the LP you like, cause besides the standard black, we have and 3 limited editions as well as standard black!


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with Italian alternative metallers RED FRACTION and we will release their debut album "Birth" in the few next months. More infos about the release-date etc will follow soon.


Italian sleaze/hard rockers ROXIN' PALACE (featuring members of Headquakes, ex-Revoltons and ex-Elvenking) signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider and we will release in autumn of 2016 their second album "Freaks Of Society".

Be ready for a rock 'n' roll party, a great album for fans of Motley Crue, Guns 'N Roses, L.A. Guns and Skid Row.


American thrash bastards NUKEM signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider and we will release soon their debut album "The Unholy Trinity". The line-up of the thrash trio from San Diego, California including guitarist/singer STEVE BROGDEN (ex- CAGE, ex-DEATHEVOCATION), drummer NORM LEGGIO (PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, ex- CAGE, ex-BRICK BATH) and bassist Don Lauder.

More infos about release date, guest musicians (and not only!) will be announced soon!


The brand-new album of Italian ethereal/gothic rockers ATARAXIA will be finally entitled "DEEP BLUE FIRMAMENT", and it will be out in September 2016 by Sleaszy Rider Records. More than one hour of music on limited digipack edition and jewel case edition as well as a single on 7" vinyl.

Stay tuned, a teaser with extracts from all the songs will soon be available.


Recently the band called back the man who already has been a part of it a couple of times playing gigs with Bullet-Proof, replacing the founding member of the band Diego Polli, the previous bass player. But now he's taken a place which really belongs to him – the lead guitar. Welcome back Max Pinkle!

23 May, 2016


American (New Haven, Connecticut) melodic hard rock sensations ST. JAMES, feat. drummer Carl Canedy of THE RODS signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider. Their debut album "Resurgence" will be released soon on cd and LP format and it's a perfect blend of sounds for fans of Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.

The tracklist will be as following:

1. Attitude
2. Worth Fighting For
3. This Distance
4. Let It Rain
5. What's Your Situation
6. The Road
7. Rattled Bad
8. Castles in the Sand
9. Shelter Me
10. Somewhere Between Here and There
11. Toughest I can Take
12. In Your Heart
13. Aint It Sad
14. Princess of Pain
15. Crimes of the Heart
16. Inside The Outside
17. Fluffy Through The Hoop

"It was frustrating as hell. Like having a dirty little secret you want to share with everyone yet can’t tell anyone." Carl Canedy, March 2016

Now, twenty-five years later, with the pending release of his band, St. James’ new record, Resurgence, the well-known drummer/ producer is letting that dirty little secret out.

"Back in the nineties I was the drummer for the band St. James. We wrote and recorded a ton of songs. I played drums on every track. And we were about as tight as any band I’ve been in.” Canedy tells us.

It started when guitarist/ songwriter, Jimmy Jacobs, along with his brother, Robert Jacobs on bass and singer, John James put together a five song demo.

"I knew of Carl as the drummer for The Rods. When I heard of his work as a producer, particularly with Anthrax, I sent him the songs." says bassist, Robert Jacobs. "Before we knew it we were in an Upstate New York studio.
Canedy’s drumming and production skills proved to be a perfect fit. The four became fast friends and in the studio, creativity exploded. In that first session, five songs quickly turned into ten. And in no time at all, the group had amassed a huge catalog of material.

But just as the band thrived in the studio, when it came to touring they had hit a brick wall.

Canedy’s skills as a producer were in high demand and with a steady flood of obligations, there was no way he could take off on an extended tour.
“It was a drag. No matter how much we tried, the schedules never lined up.” singer John James adds. “We had to get out and play these songs but at the same time we didn’t want to say that our real drummer couldn’t make it. So we kept Carl’s playing a secret and used several different guys to fill in for the live shows.”

The band went on to develop a huge following but still felt there was never the same energy as when the core members, the one that had put their blood, sweat and tears into creating the songs, had played together.
Time passed and it looked like the secret would never get out…

Until recently, when Canedy stumbled onto a cache of old St. James recording.

“I listened to a bunch of the songs and felt like this stuff was just too good to never be released. The writing, the playing, the production, even after all this time they still hold up.”

This time everything fell into place perfectly. With just a few phone calls, all four original members of St. James were on board and wheels were set in motion.

Now, twenty-five years later, the dirty little secret is out. With seventeen newly remastered tracks, St. James’ Resurgence is about to be released..
And what of the prospects of Jimmy, Carl, Robert and John finally taking the stage together for the first time?

“Whereas years ago things just never lined up for us, this time it’s all falling into place perfectly. It’s gonna happen. It really is, but that’s for the next story.” says Jimmy Jacobs with a broad smile.


We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with the Italian power metallers KALEDON (feat. singer Michele Guaitoli of Overtures since 2014) and we will release their new, 9th album during 2016. More infos will follow soon.


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with the black/death metallers NATHORG, coming from Iran and we will release their new 2nd album in the few next months. More infos will follow soon.


We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with the Norwegian black metallers ANCIENT and we re-release on both cd and LP format their long time ago sold out and hard to find "Trolltaar" mini album with bonus tracks.
We will release also on LP the 2 other titles we released back in 2005 on cd only: "Det Glemte Riket" and "Eerily Howling Winds-The Antediluvian Tapes"!


Greek neoclassical/heavy/power metal band of ANGELO PERLEPES’ MYSTERY signed a deal with our label and we will release soon their upcoming mini-cd of the band, plus we will re-release also the 2 first albums of the band "Mystery" and "’Tales…" which were originally released more than 20 years ago!

We signed also a deal with VERSUS, the band which formed by virtuoso guitarist Angelo Perlepes in the late 70s. Their debut, unreleased album will be release officially by Sleaszy Rider in the few next months, re-recorded, but keeping the 70’s feeling and sound. More infos for all these releases will be announced soon!


Italian heavy/prog metallers OVERTURES finished the brand new video-clip for the self-titled track of their upcoming album "Artifacts".

The band posted the following statement:

“We promised it. Here it comes.
‘Artifacts‘, filmed by Breaking Schemes, is the new official videoclip taken from the second and title-track of our upcoming album.
“Artifacts are mementos of our past that transcend time and carnal fragility”.
The amazing work made by director Aurora Ovan couldn’t express in a better way what our song and our album are willing to leave in your mind. Go beyond the music. Follow our words and our harmonies, feel the inner meanings of this amazing piece of art.


‘Artifacts‘ will be worldwide released on May 27th by Sleaszy Rider Records and its tracklist will be the following:

01 Repentance
02 Artifacts
03 Gold
04 As candles we burn
05 Profiled
06 Unshared worlds
07 My Refuge
08 New dawn, new dusk
09 Teardrop
10 Angry Animals
11 Savior – Alternative version


Artifacts‘ cover artwork was realised by the German award-winning artist Franziskus Pfleghart. The mastering process was made by Olaf Reitmeier at Gate Studios, Germany.”

In other important band’s news, OVERTURES will play at GODZ OF METAL festival in Italy and in many more festivals and gigs:
Overtures will be sharing the stage with Rammstein, Korn, Megadeth, Gamma Ray, Sixx:A.M., Halestorm, The Shrine, Jeff Angell’s Staticland and Planethard as openers for the Gods Of MetalFestival 2016, on 2 June 2016.
The Gods of Metal Festival will be the first Italian show where they will play part of the new album Artifacts!

And last but not least, Overtures will be opening the Festival 2016, sharing the stage with Stratovarius, Powerwolf, Rhapsody, Iron Savior, Domine and Elvenking!


Spanish doom/death leaders DANTALION will release their new, sixth cd in late 2016.

The band annouces the title of the album, which will be ".... And All Will Be Ashes" and it’s ready to enter the studio for the recordings. And we are all ready for another melodic death/doom masterpiece! More infos will be announced soon.


Italian thrashers BULLET-PROOF will be one of the support bands to the upcoming show (30 July 2016) of American legendary thrashers TESTAMENT in Milano, Italy. Be there!

The band has some more important shows during this summer, check the complete list on our Gigs section.


Japanese death metallers ARES will be the support band to the upcoming show (18 June 2016)of Swedish death metallers THE DUSKFALL in Kyoto city, Japan. Be there!

01 April, 2016


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with the British/Italian doom/sludge metallers EVEN VAST. After their last, third album back in 2007, the band relocated in UK, changed members and changed and their music style to more sludge rock sounds, than gothic metal as they were. The band is busy recording/mixing at NoiseBoy studios (Manchester, England), and soon enter Major Oak Audio Mastering studio (Nottingham, England) for the mastering process of their new, fourth album "Warped Existence".

The cover artwork is done by the Russian artist Vergvoktre.

The release date for the album will be September 2016 and also the back catalogue (re-mastered with bonuses) will be released some time this year through our label: "Teach Me How To Bleed" (+ bonus live tracks), ”Hear Me Out" (+ bonus live tracks) and ”Where The Trees Still Speak" (+ unreleased tracks). More infos will follow soon!


Italian metallers Overtures just released the official lyric video for ‘Unshared Worlds’, first song from their fourth album ‘Artifacts’.

Artifacts will be released on May 27th. In the next weeks we and the band will announce all the details about the promo tour and an official videoclip too.

This is the tracklist of Artifacts:

01 Repentance
02 Artifacts
03 Gold
04 As candles we burn
05 Profiled
06 Unshared worlds
07 My Refuge (feat. Paolo Campitelli on keyboards)
08 New dawn, new dusk
09 Teardrop (feat. Marco Pastorino, Caterina Piccolo on vocals & Paolo Campitelli on keyboards)
10 Angry Animals
11 Savior - Alternative version


Message from MYTH OF A LIFE: "We would like to finally reveal the tracklist for our debut full-length album 'She Who invites'! Horns up and stay metal! m/"

1. Codex Of Betrayal
2. Scourged and Crucified
3. Lobotomized
4. Erinyes
5. Taking Back What Is Mine
6. Pull The Trigger
7. Broken
8. Through The River
9. She Who Invites
10. Waiting To Die
11. Murder
12. Burning Vision


SPIDER KICKERS and ROTTING CHRIST will play 2 shows together, on 14 May in Drama city, Greece and on 15 May in Sofia (Bulgaria). More infos for these shows you can find in our Gigs section.


After the end of the instrumental recordings of the 6th Hesperia album titled CAESAR [ROMA vol. I], the vocal recordings have begun.

The album will be a concept about Julius Caesar, a rock opera with a strongly cinematic and martial atmosphere.

The genre will be again Metal (in every side and subgenres) with influences from neofolk, folk with archaic instrumets (for example a Crwth in De Bello Gallico), italian identitary rock and prog, italian opera, psichedelia in its primordial shamanic form, in the way of ancient roman religion, in a reverse side than the one used at the end of the '60s.
(the album was composed searching for divine inspiration through psycho-physic purification, using edible incenses, tanthric yoga, and some shamanic techniques in solitary and ritualistic places)

The album consists of 10 tracks, linked by the Caesar concept. Every track has its intro, and there are some leit-motif as usual. Some complex odd time measures will be reintroduced as for the old albums (for example 7/4, 23/8, 73/8).

The languages used are latin and italian (the title track is entirely in latin).
For the latin words the archaic diction will be used.

There will be less clean vocals and more aggressive and martial vocal parts.

The photos of this studio report have been taken near the Roman Bridge on the RUBICON river, where Caesar crossed the Rubicon, saying "Alea Iacta Est"; the Rubicon river was the natural boundary between Gallia and Roma.

Some audio ambient sounds for the album have been taken here

Some of the guests: M (True Endless/Skoll), Ant (Frentrum/Orcrist).

Next studio report will follow soon!


British/Spanish death metal super group LIQUID GRAVEYARD is in the final preparations of their upcoming album "By Nature So Perverse". In the meantime, the band confirmed it’s appearance in many European festivals. You can find the dates and places in our Gigs section.

08 March, 2016


Italian prog/power metallers Overtures are proud to announce that the new album, ARTIFACTS, will be released on May 27th by the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records.

After the huge success of the previous “Entering the Maze”, supported by two European tours with Threshold in 2014 and with Almah and Secret Sphere in 2013, the band reaches now its fourth chapter with an even more mature and personal sound.

The cover artwork has been realised by the award winning German artist Franziskus Pfleghart. The mastering process has been once again made at Sasha & Miro Paeth's (Avantasia, Edguy, Kamelot, Epica) Gate Studios, in particular by Olaf Reitmeier.

This is the tracklist of Artifacts:

01 Repentance
02 Artifacts
03 Gold
04 As candles we burn
05 Profiled
06 Unshared worlds
07 My Refuge (feat. Paolo Campitelli on keyboards)
08 New dawn, new dusk
09 Teardrop (feat. Marco Pastorino, Caterina Piccolo on vocals & Paolo Campitelli on keyboards)
10 Angry Animals
11 Savior - Alternative version

During the next weeks the band will release a new lyric video and a new video-clip, and the promotional live activity will start immediately after the release of the album.


International death metallers MYTH OF A LIFE revealed the front-cover of their upcoming album ”She Who Invites” and have some more important news to announce.

"For the past weeks we have been laying down some absolute killer guitars, and we are all super excited for everyone to check ‘em out! We finished also the vocals and the whole music, the sound is massive! Now we are starting with the mixes of the album.

We are also very excited to finally unveil the artwork for our debut album 'She Who Invites' which will be released in early Spring! The artwork was created by the amazing artist Darren Williams!

We are also sorry to announce that Myth of a Life has parted ways with our bass player, Charlie Power, due to musical differences. We would like to thank Charlie for all of his contributions to the band for the past year and a half and we would like to wish him every bit of luck and success in anything he decides to pursue.
We had an awesome time doing this photoshoot in Cambridge for our debut full-length album 'She Who Invites'! Photos courtesy of Despina Kladidis."

Stay tuned! m/"

Myth of a Life


One of the most important and famous act into Martial industrial, Dark ambient ,Neoclassical, Ritual music DARK AWAKE from Greece is now part of Sleaszy Rider Records!

Now Sleaszy Rider Records is re-releasing the 4th album "Anunnaki" on vinyl limited to only 500 copies! An esoteric mystical and spiritual music that must be felt not just heard. There are dark ambient parts with instrumentation, that lead to powerful martial industrial parts that inspire war and dominion. An abysmal orchestration that will send your soul to places beyond...
The absolute masterpiece of dark music.

Dark Awake’s 4th full length opus takes inspiration from the ancient gods of Mesopotamia, Anunnaki. Anunnaki are a race of superhumanly powerful humanoid beings who were once worshipped by several of the tribes and cultures of Mesopotamia, particularly the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians, from about 4000 BC during the rise of human civilization to 1500 BC when their worship was replaced by other religions.

29 January, 2016


Today is the official release date for two new albums: the debut full length of Italian glam/hard rockers MR. RIOT (”Same Old Town”) and the debut mini-CD of Dutch death metallers BLOODPHEMY (”Blood Will Tell”).

Same Old Town

Blood Will Tell

For more infos of this release check our release check our Catalogue, Jukebox andStore sections!


Death metallers LIQUID GRAVEYARD finished the mastering of their upcoming album and we are in the final steps before the release of their new masterpiece. The band revealed the title of the album: ”By Nature So Perverse”. More infos about this death metal super-group and their new release, will follow soon!


Egyptian symphonic black/death metallers HECATE are still working on the mixing and mastering for their new album ”In Nomine Artem Blackium”, which will be released later in 2016.

In the meantime, the band has line-up changes, as the band’s core decided to dismiss 3 of their members for personal issues. Therefore, the remaining line-up is: Lord Mist (guitars, bass, lyrics, synth and programming), Zander Adam (vocals, lyrics) and Mohammed Assal (drums).


Japanese death metallers ARES will be the opening act in the JAPAN TOUR of Finnish melodic death metal band Kalmah on 19th and 20th March 2016 (in Tokyo and Osaka). More infos you can find in our gigs section.


International death metallers MYTH OF A LIFE finished the drums recordings of their upcoming album and now proceed with the rest instruments’ recordings.

Their short message is the following: ”Lifers raise your horns along with Mr. Porcelli to celebrate that drums for 'She Who Invites' are officially completed! m/”

8 January, 2016


Today is the official release date for another new album: the third full length of Italian alternative rock metallers INEDIA, entitled ”Aritmia//Wasteland”.

For more infos of this release check our release check our Catalogue, Jukebox andStore sections:


Dutch brutal death metallers BLOODPHEMY signed a 2-albums deal with us and their debut mini-cd ”Blood Will Tell” will be released on 31 January 2016. Some of the band’s members are well-known and experienced in the brutal business of metal, as they were members of bands like Pleurisy, Devious, Altar, Bleeding Gods, Beyond Belief, Desecrate, Skeletor and Burning Hatred!

20 December, 2015


Today is the official release date for 2 new albums: The re-release of "Triarchy of the Lost Lovers", of Greek black/dark metallers ROTTING CHRIST and the debut album of Czech glam/hard rockers NASTY RATZ, "First Bite".

For special/limited bundles and more infos of all these releases check our Catalogue, Jukebox of our website and our Store sections ( !



Italian hard rockers LUCKY BASTARDZ playing these days in Europe, as support group to W.A.S.P.

The correct dates are the following:

If you will be in Milano, Italy, tomorrow, don't miss the legendary RAVEN and their show at Legend Club.

Support act will be the Italian/Slovakian newcomers BULLET-PROOF.

Their debut cd "De-Generation" is released this summer by Sleaszy Rider and you can buy it directly from this e-store!

14 September, 2015


”I’ve got Heavy Metal music in my blood
And I'd like to give it to you if I could”

We, who grew up in the middle-‘80s sang these lyrics of ”Heavy Metal Mania” in all rock clubs we visited, as this song of Holocaust was, the absolute metal hymn for all the ‘80s and the ‘90s. The mighty Metallica, among many other bands, payed tribute to this British band when they covered ”The Small Hours” both live and on disc.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that we signed a worldwide record deal with the legendary NWOBHM heroes HOLOCAUST and we will soon release their next studio album ”Predator” in both CD and LP format!

The correct release-date and more details about it will be announced soon.


Belgian female-fronted hard rockers SCARVED released their first video-clip from their ”Dynamite” album. The track they choosed is ”Army On Wheels” and you can watch it in our media section/official Youtube channel. Feel free to subscribe there, so you can be always directly updated for our next video-activities!


International death metallers MYTH OF A LIFE announced the title of their upcoming debut album. The band stated the following:

"We would like to share with everyone that our debut full-length album is going to be titled 'She Who Invites'! The album will be released worldwide by Sleaszy Rider Records in early 2016! Stay tuned for more news! m/"

31 August, 2015


"Divine Creation", the debut album of Japanese melodic death metallers ARES release today!

More infos about this release you can find in catalogue, jukebox and e-storesections!

27 August, 2015


We are proud to announce that we signed a worldwide deal with ATARAXIA, one of the leading bands of dark, neoclassical, gothic, neofolk, ethereal, medieval music. Since 1985 Ataraxia has explored and created music, poetry, theatre and photography and have dedicated their lives to art. After 18 studio albums, 3 Eps, 3 ”best of”-albums, 2 live-albums, 2 books + CD, it’s time for co-operating with Sleaszy Rider Records!

The band stated the following comments regarding our signing:
”We feel it’s natural to sign for a Greek label as, from the very beginning, Greek poetry, landscapes and mysticism have been our main source of inspiration. We are glad to release two albums for Sleaszy Rider Records between 2016 and 2018, their names will be “Io Sono Origine” (I am Origin) and “Sincronicity Embraced”. We hope to give back in music what Greece has given up in terms of plenitude and, of course, enlightenment.”


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with American (Las Vegas) hard rockers FOUNDRY! Foundry is the new project of vocalist extraordinaire KELLY KEELING (Baton Rouge, Blue Murder, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Michael Schenker Group, and current Frontiers Records solo-artist), following from the rest members: Marc Brattin (drums), James Fucci (guitar), Jason Ebs (bass).

Their debut album has the title ”Foundry”, it has special guest Stoney Curtis (guitar solos), it was engineered by Matt Breunig (The Killers) and mixed by 7x Grammy Producer Steve Thompson (Guns N' Roses, Metallica, KISS, Soundgarden).

Expect a modern hard rock CD with some alternative/grunge touches, that will remind you a mix of Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Metallica! Official release-date will be announced soon!

If you are gambling in Las Vegas this week, don’t miss their concert, together with Queensryche and Dokken, on Saturday, August 29 (Downtown Las Vegas Events Center)!


DEFECT DESIGNER have unleashed a ”stellar” music video to promote their single ‘StarDust’ off of their recent full-length ‘Ageing Accelerator’ released through Sleaszy Rider Records in July. The entirely instrumental track looms over the video, which allows viewers to trek the galaxy over guitar harmonies and shoegaze-esque drums. The video clocks in just under 3 minutes providing a symphonic piece paired with celestial imagery creating an incredible cosmic experience.

"It is always not easy to make a video for an instrumental song, so we wanted to make something very nice and not too complicated, with motion that fits the song's pace. This is a melodic side of the band, slow and easy-listening"comments vocalist/guitarist Dmitry Sukhinin.


Italian one man’s band HESPERIA released their second video-clip ”Metallvm Italicvm” , taken from their latest album. The video contains a symbolic ritual that represents the union of the 2 bloodlines that gave birth to the blood of ROMA (the same subject celebrated in the ENEIDE).


Italian/Slovakian thrashers BULLET-PROOF will be the support band in the "Rage And Fire" European tour of Norwegians Guardians Of Time. 9 shows between 25 September and 3 October in Croatia, Serbia and Hungary, check our Gigs section for the correct dates and places.

In the meantime, on 12 September Bullet-Proof will play also as headliners in Tyrol Blast Fest, in Bolzano, Italy.

31 July, 2015


Today is the release date of ”De-Generation”, the debut album of Italian thrash metallers BULLET-PROOF!

More infos about it you can find at Catalogue, Jukebox and sections of our website:


We signed recently a new distribution deal with German based H’ART Music Vertrieb! H’Art will distribute our label officially and exclusive in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) in co-operation with Bertus.


After some delay in the mixes/mastering process, Greek doom/death masters ON THORNS I LAY finished the recordings of their upcoming album ”Eternal Silence”, that will be released on 30 September 2015.

The band made a video-clip for the self-titled track, that will be included in the cd as bonus and you can enjoy it now below.


International (but based on Sheffield, UK) death metallers MYTH OF A LIFE have agreed to record their debut full-length album with well known producer Jonny Maudling (Bal-Sagoth, My Dying Bride) later this year. For more news and updates, stay tunned!


An old idea finally became real: Sleaszy Rider and Greek death/thrashers SPIDER KICKERS decided that it is time to re-release their legendary and very hard to find 7” EP ”The Kingdom Of Epirus” for first time ever, on cd format! The 2 tracks of the 7” will be followed by 2 bonus tracks from the same recording session (1991)! Probably a 7” re-release of the same title will follow soon. Release date for this old-school and rare underground metal diamond is not confirmed yet, but it will be during the coming fall.

13 July, 2015


The second album of international (but based in Oslo, Norway), progressive death metallers DEFECT DESIGNER "Ageing Accelerator" release today! More infos about it you can find at Catalogue and Jukebox sections!


Their debut album "De-Generation" due some manufacturing delays, will be released in the few next weeks! We will keep you posted for the correct release-date asap.


Japanese death metallers ARES announced the title of the upcoming debut album: "Divine Creation". Expect a release date for this album till the end of the summer!

30 June, 2015


The new cd of British iconic hard rockers WHITESNAKE ”The Purple Album” finally release today!


Japanese newcomers ARES signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider! The band plays death metal with many melodies and brutal parts. Their debut, untitled yet, album will be released in the few next months.


Thrash Metal act Bullet-Proof , new exclusive signing of Sleaszy Rider Records, just added to their ranks the extraordinary guitar player Mattia "Headmatt" Carli. "Headmatt is a young and very talented guitarist and will bring tons of energy to the band!" states Richard Hupka, leader of the band.

Don't miss them live at Rock Im Ring in Ritten (IT) w/In Flames, Graverworm etc etc on July 11th. Their debut album “De-Generation” will be released on 13 July 2015

8 June, 2015


Italian newcomers BULLET-PROOF signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider! The band plays a mix of heavy metal and thrash, that will love you for sure. Their debut album “De-Generation” is ready and it will be released on 13 July 2015.


The new cd of WHITESNAKE “The Purple Album” is still in manufacturing process, we will announce the correct release date asap. You can enjoy in the meantime the following video-message of David Coverdale!


The new album of international death/progressive metallers DEFECT DESIGNER will be released finally on 13 July 2015. The track-list of “Ageing Accelerator” will be the following:

1. Corpsewatcher
2. Yellow Grimace
3. The Terrible
4. I Remember You Dead
5. Flies On Your Lips
6. Crusaders
7. Berenice
8. Communist Architectonics
9. Temple Of Artemis
10. StarDust

The band finished also the first video-clip of the album, for “Crusaders”, which you can watch it on our media section (don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel, so you can stay tuned for all our upcoming videos).


HESPERIA proudly presents the new video from the new album “Metallvm Italicvm”:
The video is based on the Radio Edit version of the track “DE BELLO ITALICO I”, and it has hidden contents. It's the first of two video from the 5th album.

The second video was taken on the ancient roman ruins of the theater of Helvia Recina (MC ITALY), it will be out within the next two months, with ritual contents.

HESPERIA inaugurates the OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE, with many t-shirts, long sleeves, sweat shirts, pins, aluminium (Sibillini) mounts bottle, pints of beer (NO milk or coffe cups).

EU Merchandise Store

US Merchandise Store

26 May, 2015


The new cd of WHITESNAKE ”The Purple Album” will be released on 12 June 2015, due to delays in the manufacturing progress.


Greek glam/hard rockers HEART ATTACK signed a 2-releases deal with Sleaszy Rider and till September we will release their debut full length album “Heart Revolution”. Band’s members are among others, singer George Drimilis (ex- Raging Storm) and bass-player Nikos Michalakakos (Spifire).
The album is produced by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud, Serious Black, etc) and Tommy Hansen! More detailed news about this upcoming cd will follow soon.

George Drimilis posted the following statement on band’s official facebook profile:

We are happy to announce that our debut album "Heart Revolution" will be released worldwide by Sleaszy Rider Records later this year. We'd like to thank personally Tolis Palantzas for his interest and belief in our band! Let the Heart Revolution begin!”


After a successful 8-years collaboration (and 3 albums so far) with Greek deathrash legends SPIDER KICKERS we are glad to announce that we signed a new contract with the band for the next 4 years!

Singer/drummer James Edouarth stated the following comments: “We are happy to inform all our friends that we have just sign a new contract with Sleaszy Rider for two more full albums. We would like to thank the label for the new collaboration, for its offerings and support to our band. Soon we will have a surprise for all of you!”


Following their new, fifth album “One Epic Metal Requiem” Greek heavy/dark metallers SNOWBLIND made a video-clip for the track “The Earth Is On Fire”. You can watch it directly to our media section/official Youtube channel:

08 May, 2015


After many delays due manufacturing problems, the new, 4th full length album of Greek brutal death metallers IN UTERO CANNIBALISM ("Butcher While Others Obey") is finally released today!

More infos about this album you can find in our Catalogue, Store and Jukebox sections!

In other band’s news, I.U.C. will play in 9 June, as support band of DYING FETUS’ gig in An club, Athens, Greece.


We are proud to announce that from now on we will co-operate (once again) with PlasticHead, one of the most important and professional distributors worldwide!

PlasticHead will distribute our releases exclusive in UK & Eire but not exclusive for the rest of their world.


Another great band signed these days with our label! Oslo (NOR) based, but international progressive death metallers DEFECT DESIGNER are a part of Sleaszy Rider roster and they are ready to release their new, second full length album "Ageing Accelerator".

The line-up consists from mainman Dmitry Sukhinin (bass, guitars, vocals), drummer Flo Mournier (CRYPTOPSY), guitarist Martin Storm-Olsen (TROLLFEST), and guitarist Stelios Mavromitis (SEPTICFLESH live-guitarist). Samples and orchestration are recorded by Christos Antoniou (SEPTICFLESH). The artwork is done by Seth Siro Anton (Moonspell, Paradise Lost, etc).


Welcome back to our big family! Black metallers DEVISER, one of the older and best Greek black metal bands ever re-signed a deal with us and right now they are preparing their upcoming new album. It will be recorded this autumn/winter and it will be released during the first months of 2016.

Just to mention, the band returns to their old line-up ("Unspeakable Cults" era) and that’s a promise that their new music will be brilliant, like their old, glory days!


Greek atmospheric metallers ON THORNS I LAY will finish this weekend at Fragile Sound studios in Athens, the mixes/mastering of their upcoming epos “Eternal Silence”. This delay means that the album will release a bit postponed and it will be ready at the end of June, not 30 May as we announced a few months ago. The artwork will be made by Andreas Soederlund at so expect a fine piece of art!


US metallers SHATTER MESSIAH working hard in studio preparing their new, 4th album. The album is planned to be released in October 2015 and it will be entitled "Orphans Of Chaos".

23 April, 2015


We are proud to announce that we signed a licensing deal with Frontiers Records and we will release the brand new studio cd of WHITESNAKE “The Purple Album” officially and exclusive in Greece, on 18 May 2015!

Recorded & mixed by legendary frontman and WHITESNAKE founder David Coverdale with Co-Producers Michael McIntyre and 'SNAKE guitarist Reb Beach and at Hook City Studios in Reno Nevada, “The PURPLE Album” draws on the songs from the three DEEP PURPLE Mark 3 and 4 studio albums featuring Coverdale. “BURN”, ”STORMBRINGER” and “COME TASTE THE BAND”.

All the songs on the new album are presented as a respectful tribute to his former colleagues & pay homage to the band who started him on an amazing musical journey over 40 years ago that continues today.

“Even though we’re playing songs I recorded with PURPLE over 40 years ago, it has all the classic WHITESNAKE elements people who support us have come to expect...” says Coverdale, “I thought it would be cool to go out, as it were, the way I came in to this music business.”

From the opening track, the incendiary classic “BURN” through to the sonic insanity of “STORMBRINGER” Yorkshire born David Coverdale brings his career full circle from when a 21-year-old singer/songwriter bravely answered a music press ad to become the new lead singer for DEEP PURPLE in 1973.

After leaving DEEP PURPLE in 1976 Coverdale formed the original WHITESNAKEin 1977, and began a journey that has taken him from the early heavy blues rock of the late ‘70s with albums like “TROUBLE”, “LOVEHUNTER”, “READY AND WILLING” and “COME AN’ GET IT” through to the explosive hard rock of the revamped 'SNAKEsound with the multi-platinum “SLIDE IT IN” & 1987’s self-titled mega-million-selling smash-hit album. “WHITESNAKE”.

“People have been asking me for many years to revisit PURPLE songs like “MISTREATED” & “SOLDIER OF FORTUNE” with WHITESNAKE, but I always felt like I should be writing new, fresh WHITESNAKE songs for the fans.”

“In 2012 I was told by a representative of the old PURPLE management that keyboard maestro Jon Lord, who had worked with me in WHITESNAKE, too, had been diagnosed in with cancer and that Jon’s wish on his recovery would be that we put together a PURPLE reunion of sorts. I agreed to be there for him. As we all know, sadly he didn’t recover. After Jon passed away, I felt it necessary to reach out to Ritchie Blackmore to express the grief at Jon’s loss and to hopefully bury any unpleasant hatchets we’d been throwing at other for decades. It was during our reconnect that we discussed the possibility of some kind of a PURPLE reunion or a ‘BLACKMORE/COVERDALE’ project. During the time we were talking, I started listening to our old albums and began working on ideas & new approaches to suggest, rearranging some of our original works. Unfortunately, our ideas on the reunion aspect didn’t quite gel, so I respectfully withdrew from further discussions, though I am happy to say we did bury old animosities and we have thankfully stayed in touch.

It was Coverdale’s wife, Cindy who suggested that he take his ideas & make a newWHITESNAKE studio album celebrating his legacy from his time with DEEP PURPLE. “And that’s how it all happened. I discussed the idea with my musicians & our record company & everyone was very positive. So it was all systems go for “The PURPLE Album”.

Coverdale and the band picked their favorite PURPLE songs from Mark 3 and 4 and set to work at WHITESNAKE’S new recording studio, Hook City in Reno, Nevada.

They also shot the 4 new promotional videos “LADY DOUBLE DEALER”, “SAIL AWAY”, “STORMBRINGER” & the immortal “SOLDIER OF FORTUNE” all on site at Hook City.

“It was a shared vision,” Coverdale says “Every member of the band came to the sessions fully loaded with ideas & talent & helped make this a memorable project for me.”

WHITESNAKE now brings you “The PURPLE Album”, featuring ‘SNAKED up versions of those beloved PURPLE classics many will be introduced to for the first time and with a seriously kick-ass chapter of the band that can reinterpret these classics with the passion they deserve.

“There was absolutely no intention to compete, or compare with the original recordings. We just wanted to play these songs the best we could and this is how we wanted to play them,“ says Coverdale.

And so WHITESNAKE is preparing to set sail with “The PURPLE Album” loaded with priceless treasures from the three DEEP PURPLE studio albums Coverdale helped write & produce over 40 years ago.

WHITESNAKE are currently putting together dates and preparing for their 2015 THE PURPLE TOUR which will feature their biggest hits & songs from the new album.

It’s Gonna Be Great!

David Coverdale – Lead Vocals
Reb Beach – Lead Guitars
Joel Hoekstra– Lead Guitars
Michael Devin – Bass Guitar
Tommy Aldridge – Drums

LATEST WHITESNAKE NEWS: The band announced that they welcome as new member the keyboardist/singer MICHELE LUPPI (Secret Sphere, ex-Vision Divine).

Just to remind you, we released under licensing during 2014 the last Secret Sphere’s album “Portrait Of A Dying Heart”, which is still available from our mailorder!


US- power metallers SHATTER MESSIAH signed a worldwide deal with us and their fourth album will be released during 2015! The American metallers are led by guitarist Curran Murphy (ex-NEVERMORE, ANNIHILATOR) and drummer Robert Falzano (ex-ANNIHILATOR), and have as new bass player Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH)!

Their first 2 albums "Never To Play The Servant" and "God Burns Like Flesh" were released by Dockyard 1 and their 3rd album, "Hail The New Cross," was released in October 2013 by Mausoleum Records.

They are currently recording their new album, which should be completed by early summer, they are a very heavy, yet very melodic band, with catchy choruses, so except a great release soon!


Sleaszy Rider signed a licensing deal with American Rat Pak Records and we will release the new album of American guitra-shredder MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO”Shred Force 1” officially and exclusive in Greece soon.

In this amazing cd of ex-NITRO guitarist, you can find guest appearances of: Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge), Kurdt Vanderhoof (Metal Church), Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper), Todd Latorre (Queensryche), Jeff Plate (Metal Church/TSO), Michael Wilton (Queensryche), George Lynch (Lynch Mob), Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Chris Poland (ex- Megadeth), Craig Goldy (Dio), Mike Lepond (Symphony X), Rudy Sarzo, Bobby Rock and many more!!!

Michael Angelo Batio was named the Number One Fastest Guitarist of All Time in the 2011 Guitar World Magazine Readers Poll (over 440.000 votes were cast!).


Greek deathrashers SPIDER KICKERS will play next monthas support band to the Greek shows of FLOTSAM & JETSAM in Athens and in Ioannina city! The band will play also live in Patra with Death Courrier. The correct dates and posters of the gigs can be found on the GIGS section.


HECATE working hard in studio, preparing their new album “In Nomine Artem Blackium”, that will be released during 2015. You can listen to the first teaser “Oceans Ov Hell” in our media section of our website:


British/Spanish death metallers LIQUID GRAVEYARD preparing their 3d, untitled, yet album, and in the meantime they gave an interview on Blabbermouth.netregarding our signing and rest band’s news:

03 April, 2015


Today, Friday 3 April 2015 is the release-date of 2 new albums: The 5:th cd of Greek traditional/dark metallers SNOWBLIND (“One Epic Metal Requiem”) and the 4:th studio album of Belgian black/death/doom metallers THURISAZ (“The Pulse Of Mourning”). More information about the albums can be found in the CATALOGUE, JUKEBOX and E-STORE sections!

One Epic Metal Requiem

The Pulse of Mourning

In other band’s news, Snowblind’s next gig is tomorrow night, at Bums club in Athens! Check our gigs section for more infos about this live event!


We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with the new death metal super-group LIQUID GRAVEYARD!

The British/Spanish band includes to their roster John Walker (guitars, Cancer), his wife Raquel Walker (vocals), Shane Embury (bass, Napalm Death, Lock-Up, etc) and Nicholas Barker (drums, Ancient, Lock-Up, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir etc)!

The band prepares right now their 3:rd album, that will be released during 2015. Check out the first teaser of their upcoming album right now on our YouTube Channel!


HECATE from Egypt signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider! After Odious, this is the second band from the land of Pharaohs that signed with us! Hecate from Cairo plays a unique black/death metal with fogy and gloomy atmosphere and they prepare right now their second album, that will be released during 2015. More info will follow soon!


International death metallers MYTH OF A LIFE signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider and we will release their debut album in late 2015.

The band is based in Sheffield, UK and includes Greek singer Phil’Core’, Japanese guitarist Taka, Italian drummer Dam (ex-Golem) and recently welcomed 2 new members, both British: Charlie (bass) and Dave (guitar).

Phil’Core’ stated the following:
"All of us are very happy with our decision to sign with Sleaszy Rider Records. We feel that their professionalism, ethics and above all their love and passion for heavy metal music will help us take this next big step in our career. We look forward to get into the studio and record our full-length album. It is going to be a killer!"


Italian progressive metallers IN MEMORY re-signed with us a new record-deal and with a refreshed line-up they will release soon their third, untitled yet, album.

Their 2 albums are still available and you can buy them for a very low price directly from our e-store!


Hesperus mastermind of the one-man band HESPERIA become official endorser ofB.C. RICH and Gold Music.

In other band’s news, a release-party for "Metallvm Italicvm" is confirmed for tomorrow, Saturday 4 April, along with a live gig of another Sleaszy Rider band, NASTY WHORES, plus Adamas and Lost Reflection. Check our gigs section for more infos!


Due to some unexpected delays in manufacturing, the new, 4:th full-length album of Greek brutal death metallers IN UTERO CANNIBALISM ("Butcher While Others Obey") will be released on 14 April 2015. Stay tuned!

Greek atmospheric/doom/death masters ON THORNS I LAY preparing their new masterpiece ETERNAL SILENCE for a May 2015 release through SLEASZY RIDER.

In the meantime you can read a new band's interview here:

English version :

French version :

Belgian atmospheric doom metallers THURISAZ will release their fourth full-length album, "The Pulse Of Mourning", on March 31 via Sleaszy Rider Records. The cover artwork was created by bandmember Mattias Theuwen in cooperation with Jeroen Mylle (AMENRA) and can be seen below.

The new single 'Patterns Of Life' can now be streamed through Youtube.

The band has the following to say about 'Patterns Of Life': "Patterns Of Life was the first song written for The Pulse Of Mourning. The main riff has been around for 2 years but until now the song remained unfinished. It has all the key elements of Thurisaz: diversity, agressivity and beauty."
THURISAZ's follow-up to 2011's "The Cimmerian Years" was produced by the band's guitarist Peter Theuwen together with Nik Mettez and Kris Belaen at the CCR studios (AXAMENTA, IN-QUEST, SUHRIM) in Zulte and mastered at the Tailor Maid Studio.
The band has the following to say about "The Pulse Of Mourning": "The Pulse of Mourning is a logical next step for Thurisaz after 2011's "The Cimmerian Years", but also a return to the rawness of 2007's "Circadian Rhythm". Once again we tried to create a very diverse album in which the many aspects of desillusion and bitterness are passing by."
''The Pulse Of Mourning" track listing:
01. Longing...
02. ...For A Change
03. Patterns Of Life
04. Tangram
05. Rays Of Light
06. One Final Step
07. Enslaved Dreams
08. In All Remembrance
09. Stargaze
Earlier this year THURISAZ released "Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic". The CD/DVD was recorded and filmed in front of a live audience and with a string-ensemble on the 1st of March 2014 at a sold-out show in 'GC Forum' in Wervik, the band's hometown. "Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic" was released on January 30 through Sleaszy Rider Records.

THURISAZ's current line-up:

Peter Theuwen: Grunts, clean voice, guitars
Mattias Theuwen: Screams, guitars
Pepijn De Raeymaecker: Drums
Kobe Canniere: Keys, clean voice
Nick Meganck: Bass

Thurisaz: 'Live & Acoustic' CD/DVD revealed!

The Belgian atmospheric black/death metal band THURISAZ and their label Sleaszy Rider Records have set January 24th of 2015 as release-date for their new upcoming CD/DVD entitled 'Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic'. The cover artwork and track listing can be seen below.

The band has the following to say about 'Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic': "Thurisaz has always been more than just heavy songs with distorted guitars, growls and screams... There has always been a more softer and emotional side to Thurisaz... Often acoustic songs with mainly clean vocals and emotional lyrics. We never wanted to play those songs live before, because we felt that playing them amongst the heavier songs wouldn't do them justice. But throughout the years we realised that a lot of the fans also appreciate this other side of Thurisaz. That's why, in september 2013, we decided it was time for a new challenge: an acoustic show with all the songs we didn't play before. We didn't want to bring the songs too literally, we wanted to add something special that would raise the songs a few levels. The aim was to bring a total experience, in a cool venue, with live projections, an awesome lightshow and of course additional strings. It was also a chance to pay hommage to the bands that influenced us throughout the years. It took us 9 months of hard work, but in the end we gave birth to something beautiful that made it all worthwhile... "

'Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic' track listing:

1. Symbols
2. Interlude I
3. Years Of Silence
4. Finality (Woods Of Ypres cover)
5. Never To Return
6. A Natural Disaster (Anathema cover)
7. Inner Voices
8. Interlude II
9. Broken
10. Fading Dreams
11. My Kantele (Amorphis cover)
12. Past Perfect

The CD/DVD was recorded and filmed in front of a live audience and with a choir on the 1st of March 2014 at a sold-out show in 'GC Forum' in Wervik, the band's hometown.

Special Guests: Els Blieck: vocals, Inge Van De Wiele: violin, Lore Van Loock: violin, Gudrun Bovyn: cello

Filmed by Jo Geysen and Christophe Blomme
Directed and edited by Jo Geysen
Sound recording and mixing by Nik Mettez and Peter Theuwen
Lights by Daan Vermote
Video projections by Jeroen Bille

The first single 'A Natural Disaster' (Anathema cover) can be streamed through Youtube here:

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